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Meet "Pajama Boy" Greg Wasserstrom

We have a “Pajama Boy” to introduce to New Hampshire.

Step up to the plate Greg Wasserstrom of Hilltop Public Solutions Inc, or whatever name they are hiding behind today.

Here is Greg’s bio from their site:

Greg Wasserstrom leads the Hilltop Public Solutions digital practice, bringing a deep background in data-driven campaigning, content strategy, and the technologies powering digital communication.

“During the 2012 election cycle, Greg served as New Hampshire Digital Director for President Obama’s re-election campaign, overseeing the development and execution of overall digital program in that crucial battleground state. Responsible for localizing the campaign’s national messages for New Hampshire social media channels, setting and reaching aggressive audience growth goals, and building sophisticated targeting email targeting programs, New Hampshire produced one of the strongest state programs of the campaign.

Prior to his role with Obama for America, Greg worked for nearly eight years in the digital space at startups and as independent creative and digital professional specializing in content strategy. His blog content and photography has appeared on top sites across the web.

Greg earned his BA in political science from American University.”

Greg doesn’t brag about working for Whitehouse.com a site that lured unsuspecting viewers to pornography during the Bush and Clinton years or that one of his coworkers from the site, Robert Braddock Jr., was just sentenced to 38 months in prison for a hiding campaign donations in a Ct. congressional race - more on that and other dark money stories later.

Greg has a LinkedIn site that says he is from Brooklyn, NY – not NH.


I have two addresses on him:

4310 Brandywine St. NW Washington, DC 20016

175 Stockholm St Unit 102 Brooklyn, NY 11237

But Greg votes, along with two other Obama campaign workers from:

254 Cedar St. Apt. 3, Manchester, NH

How strange is that - just like Martha Fuller Clark’s Obama worker flophouse in Portsmouth?

In any case, CNHT will be shining a little light on Hilltop Public Solutions, voter fraud and election law violations involving “dark money” for every NH domiciled, taxpaying voter to see.

What do you think Hilltop was up to here in NH, besides voting in your place?

You can do a search on Hilltop yourself. Try Oregon, Montana, Ct., or Missouri. But if you want to know about Hilltop in NH you will have to stick with the “new media.”







Reader Comments (2)

A reverse lookup on that address does NOT turn up his name associated with it.


It turns up Halimo Mohamed, Abdikarim Mohamed, Karpash Mohamed, Bonnie Johnson and Tashia Johnson.

Looking those names up is where is gets really interesting...
Bonnie Johnson (assuming she's the same one that comes up in the search) was accused of stealing over $600,000 from one of her past employers here in NH.
Tashia Johnson meanwhile comes up attached to a user name "shy_grul6969" which in turn links to tons of sex sites.

Considering the whitehouse.com sex site Greg is linked to, that could be where he meet up with this lot.
January 2, 2014 | Registered CommenterRick Barnes
Welcome to the world of OFA, Hilltop, and Obama!
Wasserstrom worked at whitehouse.com with a guy named Braddock who was just sentenced to 38 months in jail along with seven others with lesser convictions in a scheme to hide tobacco money. Try searching for Donovan Braddock connection in Ct. for the whole story.

On a site linked to that is one by a guy named Sinclair linking Wasserstrom and Braddock - with a photo of the pajama boy.

Over on Granite Grok a commentor just tipped us off to another Hilltop pajama boy David Kieve from the Edwards/Hodes fiascos.
January 2, 2014 | Registered CommenterEd Naile

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