Pathological Logistics Of Lying

So now it is finally safe to proudly admit that Obama did know his illegal alien uncle who was picked up for drunk driving in Ma., thank the Lord we can put this all behind us.

Now about that grandmother in Kenya who said she was there when Obama was born.

I like that lady’s spunk. And I believe her more and more every day we get tiny slivers of information as to where this man of mystery, a Democrat President of the United States, came from and what he is up to.

I imagine that after he has shuffled off to retirement in disgrace, Americans can get some documented background info on this slippery character.

Until then the stories that are needed to get is agenda passed are all we will see in the accepted media.

Having even the slightest interest in blood relatives of Obama stating anything other than what his DC handlers make up is, well, considered bad taste, racist, or conspiratorial.

Like this:


If a person believed, before today, that Obama never met, or lived with, his illegal alien, drunk driving uncle, would that person still be a conspiracy nut?

On the next big lie!