It Will Happen Here As Well

If you like your Retired Detroit city worker pension benefit package you can keep it.

Here we go grasshoppers, a timely lesson a long time coming – Detroit is bankrupt and someone has to pay - for real.

Oh we can blame the judge.  There has to be a scapegoat besides the strong-armed union agreements.

The banks, they are the culprit and they have all the money. How about blaming them?

The union guys who helped get all the nice benies for the city workers, where are they by the way?

With unemployment at record levels and no chance what so ever of it coming down for years into the future it will be a hard sell to get taxpayers from somewhere else to pay off the Detroit city retirement plans, but any port in a storm.

I have no illusions that the Detroit city employees who will be affected do not still have lots of political clout and may have to play the ever weakening deck of race cards to get that money they were “promised” but promises from government should be taken with a grain of salt. I hope they have some salt and other commodities stored away as well as their “promises” of 40 years of retirement checks.

Chickens are coming home to roost in American cities. I hope the union employees in Detroit like the taste. Chicken one day, feathers the next.