No Woman, No Combat, No Cry

Here is a simple idea, like most of mine, to see if putting women on the front lines of combat is not another completely insane social experiment like many of our Ivy League, never had a job, elites come up with.

Take a cage fighter from UFC or Bellator 360 from each gender, match them up by weight as well as wins and losses against former opponents. We do this were I work with lumberjack competitors with making former results part of what gets you in the short list of beginning qualifiers.

Everyone thinks they know where I am going but you don’t.

Watch a few former devastating fights from MMA for reference.

Open the door and let them go at it with the regular MMA rules; three, three minute rounds – no kicks to the head when opponent has a hand on the ground.

Here is the important point.

Once the male fighter has his female opponent on the ground and she is trying to fend off elbows to the face and fists to the face – the kind that open cuts on eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, cause teeth to fly drop out, or break eye sockets…see how fast the referee stops the fight.

Regular MMA fights are much like street fights. That is what makes them so popular.

But in the real world of non-social experiments for equal rights dreamed up in dorm rooms by the brainwashed, people get hurt.

There will be no referee on the battle field or prison camp.

And no MMA ref would let a woman take the beating I have seen men take time and time again.

America is not prepared to watch a woman take a beating in any situation equal to a man. That is what separates us from heathens and moonbats.