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Who The Hell Is Emanuel Yekutiel And Why Is He Voting In Lebanon NH?

Who The Hell Is Emanuel Yekutiel And Why Is He Voting In Lebanon NH?

It appears Emanuel is what is know as a: Mobile Domiciled/Mobile Domiciled Voter! He is a not so rare type of voter found only in NH.

Let’s start with what we know within the limited amount of information the State of NH allows the public to glimpse - for $8,000.00.

Emanuel Yekutiel lives at his college address 33 Stetson Ct.,Williamstown, Ma. 01267, I presume.

Mommy and Daddy live at a different location in Los Angeles.

Someone must know why Emanuel Yeukteil votes from a location in NH: 3, Woodley Rd. in Lebanon NH.

Why not vote in the area of Massachusetts where you go to college Emanuel? I think they call it “mobile domicile” here in NH. Make the place you go to school your new home because of your “sense of community.”

Emanuel is a bright fella. He won the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Award for 2011-2012. This fellowship has a $25,000.00 grant for a year of “independent, purposeful exploration and travel.”

This time period coincides with Emanuel’s travel in 2012 in NH as a member of Organizing for America at the Obama campaign headquarters at 85 Mechanic Street in Lebanon.

Oh so confusing. We will get back to 3, Woodley Rd., Emanuel’s 2012 “Voting Domicile” in another blog going back a few years to 2008 when it was the “Voting Domicile” for other young activists in 2008 – unless NH erases the voting records from that time frame. Anything is possible here in the “Granite Hide It State.”

Until we do that let us recap Emanuel’s amazing story.

He has won every scholarship and award know to man for a guy his age, being from LA and all.

He goes to school in Williamstown, Ma. Then its off to Lebanon, NH to vote, over 100 miles away – where by coincidence he also works for the Obama campaign from 85 Mechanic Street, while in the same time frame he is awarded $25,000.00 from a non-profit for a "learning experience."

It is all so confusing.

But it is all part of a pattern we have seen all over NH from 2008 – 2012.

Stay tuned for more.

Reader Comments (6)

Ed –
Watch out for the purple cows in Willy's town. They leave big messes that they then expect their maids and nannies to clean up after them. Wonder if they would like to hear about good ol' Ephmanual out in Arizona, or Florida? Seems like the quickest way to establish integrity in New Hamsters voting charade would be to remove this quaint process from national attention. Keep shining a light on the gilded barn, you never know how many rats you might find. Maybe they'll all scurry to warmer climes once the cheese is gone.
– C. dog uplifting by separating
February 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog
When the lights go on the cockroaches scatter. But only after they have been paid to vote where they hang their hats. Blatant voter fraud.
February 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmazed
Is this accurate?
How do you know that he voted? Provisional ballot?
Why wouldn't he be prosecuted and made an example of if there is proof of his voting here while being a non-resident.
It doesn't surprise me that these are the crooked tactics being employed, and while it isn't being reversed, at least I can feel better that it isn't necessarily the NH native but these UN-patriotic Democrat operatives who are ruining our state!
February 4, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterApljak

The election documents NH voters are allowed to see are extremely limited.

You can thank former Election Law Committee member Jim Splaine for some of that.

If you want to catch voter fraud you have to work with the documents you have, most of which in other states are online.

I trust local voluteers as opposed to the electronic databases some folks seem to think are the panacea.

Emanuel was tracked by online souces of social media and public records such as checklists we are still allowed to see.

To copy everything needed is cost prohibitive, as Jim Splaine's crowd intended, so we count on local people go to their clerk or past candidates who still have checklists.

We have copies of pages of checklists, assessment cards, local knowledge, newspaper accounts, etc.

We do not have what Obama had which is 24 offices loaded with out of state professionals who create well organized databases from many sources put together by college students under the diredtion of Obama professionals - who come back to NH year after year.

Now they vote here!

Example: Obama could, through college volunteers, get all the names of students in any NH college. These students have something like an 85% turnout in our elections. There are 14,000 in UNH alone - do the math.
February 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEd Naile
"Example: Obama could, through college volunteers, get all the names of students in any NH college. These students have something like an 85% turnout in our elections. There are 14,000 in UNH alone - do the math. "

Ed, I think you may have also uncovered why liberals are so insistent that everyone goes to college.

They enroll into colleges, they are entered into databases that Democrats have access to.

Since they are students, they still haven't been exposed to the real world or watched their paychecks disappear via taxes.

Sprinkle in a few promises that Democrats will also magically make all the debt they wracked up going to colleges in majors that will never allow them to get jobs or earn enough to pay off that debt and you get a Democrat voter.
February 7, 2013 | Registered CommenterRick Barnes

We are currently working on voter fraud materials that will show how in NH that infamous database the lunatic Congresswoman from California was talking about worked.

1. Who ran it.

2. How it was financed.

3. What non-profits hired Obama "volunteers" and let them go in August 2012 to work in NH.

4. And which NH Democrats had Obama help - in the primaries - and who did not.

It will be enlightening.
February 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEd Naile

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