Who The Hell Is Emanuel Yekutiel And Why Is He Voting In Lebanon NH?

Who The Hell Is Emanuel Yekutiel And Why Is He Voting In Lebanon NH?

It appears Emanuel is what is know as a: Mobile Domiciled/Mobile Domiciled Voter! He is a not so rare type of voter found only in NH.

Let’s start with what we know within the limited amount of information the State of NH allows the public to glimpse - for $8,000.00.

Emanuel Yekutiel lives at his college address 33 Stetson Ct.,Williamstown, Ma. 01267, I presume.

Mommy and Daddy live at a different location in Los Angeles.

Someone must know why Emanuel Yeukteil votes from a location in NH: 3, Woodley Rd. in Lebanon NH.

Why not vote in the area of Massachusetts where you go to college Emanuel? I think they call it “mobile domicile” here in NH. Make the place you go to school your new home because of your “sense of community.”

Emanuel is a bright fella. He won the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Award for 2011-2012. This fellowship has a $25,000.00 grant for a year of “independent, purposeful exploration and travel.”

This time period coincides with Emanuel’s travel in 2012 in NH as a member of Organizing for America at the Obama campaign headquarters at 85 Mechanic Street in Lebanon.

Oh so confusing. We will get back to 3, Woodley Rd., Emanuel’s 2012 “Voting Domicile” in another blog going back a few years to 2008 when it was the “Voting Domicile” for other young activists in 2008 – unless NH erases the voting records from that time frame. Anything is possible here in the “Granite Hide It State.”

Until we do that let us recap Emanuel’s amazing story.

He has won every scholarship and award know to man for a guy his age, being from LA and all.

He goes to school in Williamstown, Ma. Then its off to Lebanon, NH to vote, over 100 miles away – where by coincidence he also works for the Obama campaign from 85 Mechanic Street, while in the same time frame he is awarded $25,000.00 from a non-profit for a "learning experience."

It is all so confusing.

But it is all part of a pattern we have seen all over NH from 2008 – 2012.

Stay tuned for more.