Just Noticed

Maybe it is just me, but I have a tendency to notice things other people don’t.

Here are few examples:

I noticed that at the Super Bowl these days you are not allowed to have camera shots of the various cheerleaders from the chin down, if at all, shown during the game like we used to see when I cared about football.

But at half-time in 2013 you can watch some leggy woman in a thong do squat thrusts, hand stands, and splits for a solid half hour.

Another thing I noticed recently is the total evaporation of burger joint commercials that have a dorky white guy rapping the words to some ode to the hip culture of fast food.

The most disturbing trend I spotted recently is rigged polling data about guns.

Have you noticed that?

All the questions in ALL the polls are the same. I’ll sum it up.

They go in a pre-planned direction like this:

“How long will it be before America stops letting people have guns?”

Choose one answer

A. Five years.

B. Ten years.

C. Next year?

That’s what it looks like to me.

First of all, the polls are all about gun control, not Second Amendment limitation.

Take for example if I had a poll that asked if people thought certain things should not be said – bad things.

Ask a person a question like this:

“Do you think it would be helpful if people did not say hateful things?”

Choose one.

A. Yes it would.

B. Most likely.

C. Not sure.

Frame the poll about “saying bad things” NOT the First Amendment. Then all you do is ride that poll, and any more you can have some rich non-profit pay for, right up to Election Day.

If Republicans were not so lily-livered they would invest in my idea of a “gun” poll.


“Are you in favor of registering all guns in America so they can be confiscated?”

A. That would be treason

B. Not as long as I live.

C. I knew Obama was a communist.


“Do think Obama’s plan for gun confiscation violates every person’s God given right to self-defense under the Second Amendment?”

A. Sure it does.

B. How could it not?

C. I knew “community organizer” meant communist.


“Did you know most liberals are armed to the teeth with illegal weapons?”

A. My panty-waist progressive neighbors all have handguns and Volvos.

B. Yes, it makes up for other shortcomings they have.

C. Probably Russian or Chinese.


Aren’t you glad you have an honest poll about the Second Amendment for once?

A. Bout time.

B. Hold it up one hundred yards away and I’ll fill it out.

C. Communists always lie about gun confiscation – just like Nazi’s