Here's What I Did Yesterday To Keep Busy

My wife and I help take care of a very independent 92 year old friend who lives in a remote town near here. She lives alone.

She has relatives who handle her checkbook, we do the medical stuff.

Once in a while something challenging pops up.

I have had to answer her phone when some scam artist with an Indian or Pakistani accent calls to offer some huge financial windfall – in exchange for a trade – for something like her bank account or Social Security number.

No problem, I just tell them that every time they call her, I will answer the phone and make arrangements to meet them.

Yesterday was a new one on me.

Some Jamaican scam artist called to give our friend $800,000.00 she “won” some place or other.

I told her to have them call me. They did. Twice!

For once, I thought, I would now get to meet some Jamaican scam artists in person, way out in the woods, in a tiny NH town.

It is my bet that a car full of Jamaicans would not be hard to spot on a long, winding, dead end road this time of year.

We made plans to meet at 1pm.

They called at noon to confirm.

I showed up good and early to make sure I didn’t miss my chance for some international relations.

Sure, I dozed off once or twice listening to Rush, but from what I can see, they never showed up.

I guess I’ll have to perfect my 80 year old guy voice if I ever want to get a chance to meet these guys – in person.

Better luck next time – when they sell our friend’s name to the next scammers.