One Note Bandit

And we were off to such a love-fest of a start.

Gov. Hassan was the queen of the last snow storm, showing compassion, intellect, courage, cleanness, bravery and reverence. Just as Lynch and his media pals created the Lynch mystique, Maggie was on her way to being labeled “POPULAR.”

And then Maggie Hassan dropped her NH State Budget into a slot machine.

Or should I call it a time machine?

Remember the time the Democrats spent, smoked, and mirrored their way to and almost billion dollar deficit counting on revenue that would never show?

Now its back to the same old Democrat trick, spend beyond our means, then beg for a broad based tax to cover the deficit when it comes.

John Lynch didn’t get his broad based tax in all his “popular” years in office. He got Speaker Bill O’Brien and a Legislature full of adults who cleaned up the mess.

Roll your dice Maggie!