Understanding What The Fishwrappers Leave Out

Here we go.

The Manchester School Board has hired an employment firm to investigate some alleged wrongdoing by a now former (and fully compensated) principal and her underling.

Story here from the Manchester paper:


As with anything you see in the papers, facts are what matters. Let us look at this from a municipal activist point of view.

1. The principal under investigation is in the same boat as her secretary. This means if they do not implicate each other in some sort of scam they have a better chance of avoiding any charges. If one is hiding something from the other this should have been over long ago. A good attorney would look out for his client over the other person.

2. To investigate something as public as school expenses should not take five months and $100,000.00 in taxpayer money – so it may not be a financial issue. In all probability it may be sexual harassment, favoritism, or some other hard to prove infraction.

3. The local newspapers do not seem at all interested in what is going on. I have not seen anything other than comments about the School Board and others involved either not knowing about the case or keeping mum. That is the usual deflection of the issue on some other person or board.

4. The principal is not from the education industry. She was a county prosecutor. Not the standard path to education “excellence” we come to expect from hard core education industry insiders. It could be in-house professional jealousy that motivated the investigation.

5. I can not find out much about the secretary who is being investigated either. Some education professionals like to have their own people, not employees who were on site when they took over. Did she come from the county attorney office as well or some other non-education industry type business? Was she capable? Were both considered outsiders at the school?

6. This article about the principal refers to her as “popular” and that is never a description of a conservative public official. So her politics are very likely PC.

7. Most of the comments in the news stories about the investigation, so far, mention how expensive it is to investigate the “popular” principal. That is a sure sign the “let’s move along” crowd knows something about the case and people involved and they want it to end before something embarrassing comes out. Next in the standard operating procedure will be an attack on anyone coming up for election, or in office, who wants to get to the bottom of the case. That deflection, if loud enough, could save the principal and her secretary form any embarrassment. It would also give supporters of the “popular” principal a means to attack a political opponent. Call it political judo.

Just in case I am wrong about this being more personal than financial.

You have to remember one thing about municipal corruption, and I tell people this all the time, whenever you catch a public employee stealing and a fixed amount comes out in public before a trial, always add a few zeros to the end of that number for a more accurate account as to how much was really taken.

Good luck Manchester.