Fish Wrapper Journalism

Back in October of 2009 a large drinking party was broken up by police at a private residence in Bedford.

You may remember this because Granite Grok and NHInsider blogger Steve MacDonald wrote about it more than anyone else I know of, pointing out that a newly minted Democrat State Rep., Brian Poznanski of Nashua and St. Anselm college, was among the under age drinkers arrested. (This was a few years before Steve was mentioned, by name, on Rush. I like to mention that as often as possible.)

Here is the rest of the crowd of underage drinkers:

Michael Yacono, 20, and Thomas Oliveria, 20, both of Bedford were charged with facilitating an underage drinking party in Bedford, NH along with some of the minors listed here: Samantha Seamon, 20, of East Hampton, Conn.; Danielle Tunak, 20, of Shrewsbury, Mass.; Brock Weber, 19, of Bristol, Conn.; Ned Brady, 20, of Tiverton, R.I.; Juan Suarez, 20, of Goffstown; Anthony Ferguson, 20, of Brighton, Mass.; Adam Archidiacono, 20, of Lynnfield, Mass.; Matthew Shanahan, 19, of Westwood, Mass.; Giovanni Lorusso, 20, of Norwood, Mass.; Kelsey Dakoulas, 20, of Manchester; Helen D’Aprino, 20, of Woburn, Mass.; Amanda Horgan, 19, of Atkinson, Mass.; Michael Kaznowski, 19, of Barrington, R.I.; Michael Koulopoulos, 18, of Scituate, Mass.; Caitlin Heneghan, 20, of South Windsor, Conn.; Garret Gervais, 19, of Chelmsford, Mass.; Thomas Morgan, 20, of Greencastle, Pa.; Elizabeth Webster, 20, of Sandown; Bradley Shoemaker, 20, of Merrimack; and Brian Poznanski, 20, of Nashua.

The NH fish wrappers reported the story straight up, sprinkling a few facts here and there – nothing noteworthy. And the single sentence about Poznaski the arrested Nashua State Rep. covered that well enough for the Nashua paper.

Fast forward to 2013 and our annual Coalition of NH Taxpayers voter fraud investigations:

One of our intrepid helpers sent me this 2009 article because it connects a few 2008 and 2012 non-resident Organizing for America voters we are tracking.

I noticed something very typical of NH fish wrapper journalists. They mention in some articles that the drinkers are “college age” but any brief search would show it as a bash consisting of mostly St. Anselm students.

Another thing that would have popped up about this event was the location: 421 Donald Street. That appears to be a property owned by the Bedford Town Moderator Ryk Bullock.

Not even a mention of the owner of a rental property where 22 students from the local college were arrested.

It must be nice to have friends in the Nashua press.