Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr., Bipolar Victim, Humanitarian, Memorablilia Collector

Funny thing about Democrat Jessie Jackson Jr’s bipolar disorder, it made his wife file doctored IRS records.

That is how bad a case of the BP’s can get.

The Reverend Jackson explains here on a USA Today excuse article about the troubled clan:

The Democrat Jessie Jackson story has been flying way under the radar as most locked down incidences of left wing corruption often do. He was even re-elected, as was US Senator Melendez of New Jersey who was whore hopping beyond his financial means in the Dominican Republic with the help of a campaign donor who has extensive gift giving credentials.

The Representative Jessie Jackson Jr. plea bargain is a good example of the news media working over-time to help soften the conviction blow to what is one of America’s longest reigning Democrat Royal Families.

In Chicago, convictions like this are known as term limits.

I am a big fan of term limits – any way I can get them.