Sanctimonious Sanctioners Secret Sessions

Label this another lucky find for those who think about these things.

Apparently, our North Korea experts in the Obama Administration are involved in making secret trips to North Korea and here is the fun part… some ham radio types caught them. Now the Government of Japan is alarmed, as they should be.

It looks like there was an effort by a subset of American self-styled diplomats to bribe the North Koreans into not launching new advanced rockets, the kind they sell to Iran, after the last crazy North Korean dictator died. (News flash…it didn’t work – again.)

Of course her Highness Hillary can claim she doesn’t know as much about this than the amateur plane trackers and Japanese air traffic control people. And that may be true. Obama may be sending his own people out working the diplomat circuit. I know I would.

If you dig into details available to the American public about this it looks like Obama and Hillary, if she knows, sent some bulldozers and other “heavy equipment” to North Korea as part of the bribery trip.

Want to guess there was some small goodie bag for the new guy running this communist wonderland?

What would Kim Jung Il’s fat baby boy want that he can not get any other way but through fellow-travelling Americans?

I shudder to guess.

Bulldozers and other “heavy equipment” is all we will ever find out about this secret trip if we leave it up to other countries and amateur investigators.

It would have been nice if at least one US Senator asked Her Highness Hillary if she even knew about this before she left the State Department to run for president.

Just before Obama gave his state of the union speech this year the Russians were sending a signal to him, while laughing up their sleeves, by flying their heavy bombers around Guam, within our air space. Any real President and a real news media would have taken notice.

Then again, maybe the Russians were just wondering why American planes loaded with secret stuff on a secret mission to North Korea were flying to North Korea from Guam?

If they find out I hope they let us know.