Voter Fraud In NH Is The System Itself

When you look up the name of Ohio poll worker Melowese Richardson on Google you see there were just over 20,000 hits. So I looked up my own name on Google and came up with 89,000.

Now how in the world did I come up so far ahead of the woman in Ohio who has been a poll worker for over 20 years and who has been caught voting six times in 2012 alone?

The explanation is quite simple.

The news media has no interest in exposing voter fraud. This story makes that case so well.

It is hard to find out how Melowese Richardson did vote six times by reading any national news story but I have some info I dug up from reading a few blogs.

First of all, Melowese is a campaign official so she has access to absentee ballot forms and knows the process. And I would guess, since she isn't the brightest of them all, she has a mentor or two in the polling place.

Melowese got the S.S. numbers needed to use the absentee ballots for her relatives in whose place she voted. So we know she is resourceful as well as dedicated to Obama.

Melowese is alleged to have used a provisional ballot in one instance from what I can tell.

The part I found interesting is she was only caught using her own address. Melowese could have easily used any number of other addresses, if she wanted, and voted many more times, because Melowese has access to information such as S.S. numbers from other people’s ballots when the election officials open those ballot envelopes. All she has to do is write some numbers down. We know she is resourceful

In any case, this is what is important to NH voters and our election laws.

A person like Melowese Richardson would never, ever get caught or prosecuted here in New Hampshire, not the way we run our elections.

There is no way anyone could catch a New Hampshire Melowese because New Hampshire citizens are not provided access to absentee voter materials, same day voter materials, challenged voter forms, birth dates of registered voters, signatures of voters, or almost anything a person without a badge (or some election official) could get a hold of.

I can go on line and see who voted in Ohio right from my computer in NH. But because of the way our election laws have been and are being gutted, by our friends the NH Democrats, I have to use different, much more difficult methods to track a NH Melowese.