Lame Baruck Obama

He can not offer a legitimate budget required by law because it will fail overwhelmingly with his own Party – Democrats, communists, and socialists.

His new candidate for Secretary of Defense doesn’t have a clue about much, except he hates his fellow Republicans.

When one is forced to make use of a guy like John Kerry for an important position such as Secretary of State, after the mess Hillary made, you know you have hit bottom.

The new Gun-less America Campaign built on the bodies of murdered children is going nowhere fast.

Sheriffs are getting in line to oppose it.

The country is just about out of smoke and mirrors because business men are not going to spark a recovery with their money.

The cheapest ObamaCare premium is $20,000.00?

Unemployment is headed for 10% were socialist economies manage to live with it in Europe.

The regulations, stiffleing business from Administration One have been voted on, passed, and are now being written.

Courts have handed The One several nasty decisions which will have to be opposed, which will come down the same way on appeal. You have to have a recess to have a Recess Appointment.

And he needs to get some wrinkled up commies to get off the bench up at the Supreme Court so as to find several more husbandless, height-challenged, over Ivy League indoctrinated women from the left to try and shove on the bench.

And something like 5 million fewer voters showed up for him last November – after all that spending and vote buying.

Maybe he can quit smoking.