Dunbarton Gone And Done It

Dunbarton voters have made the change to Bow for some 200 students who used to go to Goffstown, ending a 40 year tuition deal.

Now why would Dunbarton voters go and do that?

The Goffstown School Board thinks it’s because Goffstown voters don’t care about education, according to some news accounts.

“Not caring about education” translated into English from eduspeak means: Goffstown’s uneducated voters don’t spend enough (see why we have a problem?).

Edumath: Arrogant attitude of Goffstown School Board + high taxes x soft economy = no more tuitioned Dunbarton students to bill $2 million dollars per year.

More Edumath: Bow over built their schools as the enrollment numbers plummeted – because they had the majority numbers of enlightened voters who “invested” more and now they need more bodies to fill empty rooms.

There is so much to learn about education.

But we never do.