Guns And Babies - Libs Don't Care Much For Either

As it is revealed day by day what progressive, liberal, moonbat, Democrats really want for “change” in America, gun owners may want to look around and see who their real friends are.

Gone are the promises of jobs, a better economy, change, and scare tactics aimed at any number of special interest groups such as retirees and young, single moms. That election is long gone.

Now the Democrat gun registration/confiscation agenda pops up.

Oh, and homosexual marriage is an issue all Democrats have to saddle up to – or else.

Now just think about this.

Elite, progressive Democrats, the only kind that get elected, all want to confiscate guns. It is part of their reverse twist DNA. Just as with homosexual marriage, all Democrat moonbats will come out swinging for gun control when the time is right.

Democrat Senator Harry Reid sees that he doesn’t have the votes right now for confiscation but he will make the move when it is in his party’s best interest and gun owners have no way to defeat him.

So where do you stand as a gun owner?

It should be with the Right to Life crowd.

This is so simple.

We have a God given right to self defense enshrined in the US and most state constitutions. It is so unwaveringly clear it is hard to challenge and not look foolish. But that does not stop progressive Democrats from wanting to disarm taxpayers – so as to create the new Socialist Man they dream of (see: Golden Goose story for details).

But our gun rights, so clearly laid out for all to see, read, and understand always take a beating from moonbats who are often violently opposed to their “rights” to abortion on demand; homosexual, bisexual, group, transgender, and in transition marriage rights ever being even slightly regulated.

Hell hath no fury as a partial birth abortion supporter scorned.

The next time you, as a gun owner, are made to feel like a criminal, second class citizen, New Socialist Man, or less than what you are guaranteed by birth in our country, try looking at it from the pro-life side of things.

Liberals will take your rights in a heartbeat – give rights where none existed and continue until there is nothing left to give or take. That is who they are.

Time to choose sides boys and girls.