Panties in an uproar!


Boy has the voter fraud issue come to a head in Grafton!

And what has put this tiny hamlet on the front page of the tiny local paper?

One might think it would be voter fraud. You know what voter fraud is, right? (Then you would be more informed than the NH AG’s Office.)

Actually, voter fraud in the real NH sense means when a school bond doesn’t get a super majority. THAT is voter fraud!

Voter fraud is also part of stupid voters who don’t support education spending. Liberals think it is a fraud to let uninformed voters participate in such things as school bond votes – that should be the job of non-resident college kids the way progressives see it, anything to win.

So what phony evidence of voter fraud has the anonymouse complaintent have to PROVE voter fraud altered a lousy $21 million dollar spending spree?

This is almost laughable. A bunch of people with different last names voted from one residence! (Ever seen Sen. Martha Fuller Clark’s private residence voter list –wheeeew.)

Anyway, Superior Court Judge John Lewis took care of this minor problem last October with his ruling that anyone, from anywhere, could vote in NH with a “mobile domicile.”

End of story.

End of school bond.

That is our prized election system here in NH.

Thank a liberal Democrat next time you see one.