What's It Gonna Be?

Today is March 27th and around here at the ranch we call that “the first day Maryellen can have her piglets.”

This year we have a brand new rubber heating pad to try out. The theory is that the piglets will crawl out on that warm mat and think it is “Mom” until they are big enough to not get stepped on.

And here we go again, another batch of piglets. Maryellen has had one litter of 15 and one of 17. Some don’t make it due to having a 500 lb mother lying right next to a one pound baby but hopefully this year we bat 1000.

The big question this time is – will any look like their red Tamworth Mom?

So far, every piglet has looked like dear old Hampshire Dad, black and white.

Tonight, until liftoff, I will be checking the heat pad for babies.

Wish us luck.

Photos to follow.