Moonbats 101

For about two weeks Rush Limbaugh has been dissecting progressive political activities and how they win over low information voters through deception, media spin, and re-inventing meanings for words and basic math.

It is worth a listen as he goes through all the misconceptions of what conservatives often think about how liberals approach issues.

I have been doing some interstate driving and have had a chance to hear Rush for most of his show. It has been pretty much a free college credit on understanding moonbats. The Friday show with callers should be a good examle of how much listeners understand his new direction.

Although Rush has not come up with a simple statement that describes liberals and their campaigns like he did the Kelo Decision for instance: “It is permissible for the government to take and use but not take and give.”

I imagine he will boil liberals and progressives down to a simple formula in a few weeks. That is his genius. I would recommend tuning him in for that opportunity. He is touching on things I have hoped he would for a long time.

As usual, most low information voters who fall prey to progressive sales pitches. But to combat it and offer an alternative that catches attention you need to know why socialism seems so inviting to the uniformed.

Mark Levin is doing the same thing on his radio program, digging into the basics.

Conservatives should be paying close attention to how the people like Limbaugh and Levin, who understand progressivism the best, teach newcomers how to spot it, understand it, and deal with it.

Hey, there isn’t anything else going on.