And They Will Not Like The Publicity

While documenting non-resident voters from 2008 and 20012 who came here to steal domiciled NH voter’s rights, I have come up with a somewhat standard description of a vote thief.

Here it is:

1. The vote thief went to an average high school somewhere else in the US, but sometimes a private school.

2. They were part of a non-contact sport like track, swimming, skiing, soccer, etc. (This jives with my suspicion they have never been punched in the face for doing something stupid.)

3. They got some sort of free ride to college or were from a wealthy family who sent them to Hanover hoping they would grow the hell up.

4. In almost every case they were given a three month to a year of international travel as part of their learning experience.

5. Most importantly - college. They have to have gone to some isolation chamber of uniform thought and action.

6. Social media is a lynch pin of moonbat vote thieves. They LOVE to write about how they intend to vote here and often hint at a fellow vote thief they know of in their tiny circle who intends to do the same.

7. An unhealthy worship of Obama and the things he will do.

8. Some brief banter about social justice/equality. Not enough to tell if they know what they are talking about.

9. And most important, they know exactly, not instinctively, who is to be mocked and belittled, as per Alinsky rules.

There you have it.

When doing background checks in this state and the home state of vote thieves in NH that is what to look for in your candidate’s bio.