Free To Leave

Think of it this way.

If NH is one of the top “free” states and New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, California to name a few are the least free states then moonbats have a great opportunity to move to a wonderful un-free state and have the time of their life!

But that, like most things moonbat, is exactly the opposite of reality in their world of, up is down and down is up.

Liberals do not like to pay taxes. That means payroll, property, sales, nothing. They would not think of willingly moving to a high tax state to “invest with the rest” - take a government or education job, maybe, but to help save the un-free state from economic ruin – no way.

The recent list of “free places to live” has NH right up there with the Dakotas and Tennessee, so naturally, moonbat flock to NH like birds who leave droppings in their nest until they have to fly away.

California is a prime example of what progressives want to do to NH.

I have seen a “Best Places to Live” list for liberals and it was based on:

Good coffee shops

The Arts (moonbat sleeping in a glass box)



Bla, bla, bla

But the moonbats do not flock there in numbers significant to keep the population from dwindling.

Real people need to find a way to create an atmosphere in which liberals want to leave a freedom-loving, low tax states and go headlong into a highly regulated, expensive, Democrat controlled state.

Just kidding, that will never happen. Freedom is just too inviting for socialist control freaks.