Ding Dong The Thug Is Gone

Finally, after years of lawsuits, asinine behavior, and general thuggish intimidation of taxpayers who butted heads with him, the part time, lame excuse of a police chief, Phil Consentino, has been fired by Atkinson Selectmen.

Now that they have done their job, they should resign themselves for letting this go on for so long.

Consentino used a vote buying scheme called the Elderly Affairs Department as his personal political platform. He was allowed, by Atkinson to take old police cruisers and shuttle he favorite Atkinson citizens to stores, doctor appointments, etc. This gave Consentino all the votes he needed to put anyone in office or get any budget he wanted at town meetings. And Atkinson shows it. Don’t ever let your police department try to set up a scam like this.

CNHT was contacted several years ago by some frustrated taxpayers and asked for help handling this thug. We have some experience in that endeavor, ask FORMER Weare Police Chief Miles Rigney - if you can find him.

One of the first things to happen in Atkinson when CNHT became involved was to have the FORMER banty rooster Town Moderator stop our CNHT photographer from taking pictures, while he quietly sitting in the Atkinson Deliberative Session. That began a series of moves by people at the meeting, along with a former selectman in the company of an Atkinson Police Officer, to try and take our camera flash drive. I had it in my pocket, too bad for them. The video of most of this was posted on our CNHT web site for a long time and is still relevant for anyone interested in a perfect example of a perfect fool pretending to be a moderator.

We had the help of Attorney Chuck Douglass in filing a lawsuit against the town for that act and lost, setting up an opportunity for Atkinson to move against the local activists for court costs. They didn’t get the court costs, once again, too bad for them. Remember, equity cases such as ours are heard before judges who more often then not are sympathetic with municipal thugs so winning is very difficult. If cases of taxpayer abuse were in front of juries we would have a whole new system of justice – a fair one.

The upshot of that dust up cost the banty rooster moderator his position as dictator since no insurance company would cover him in the future, this being only one of several stupid mistakes he made while in a public position. Thuggishness is contagious. Let the chief do what he pleases and so goes the moderator.

The vote buying scheme of the Elderly Affairs Dept. came to a head several years ago when the loose way in which donations were collected spurred the NH Attorney General’s Office to force Consentino into setting up a private non-profit rather than run his little kingdom through the police budget. But it still uses $44,000.00 in public funds and Consentino was paid $100 per year to run it. And he ran it in Consentino fashion – electioneering from inside the cruisers.

And as is the case with most municipal thugs, Consentino has apparently crossed the line with the Atkinson Selectmen with some new adventure causing them to fire him even though he tried to retire moments before that happened.

Our activists in Atkinson have been trying to discover the recent and probably long running activity which lead up to Consentino’s demise.

Ah, but the documents are not public, as letting a corrupt police chief in NH go is historically a quite affair – so we must use our municipal ear to the ground.

It looks like this 70 year old part time police thug and full time political hack might have had just enough pep left in him to sexually harass a female employee of the town or dispatch. This is just a hunch based on some rumors and scattering of clues but that is what happens when you avoid RSA 91-A, the Right to Know Law.

Hide the facts – live with everyone’s best guess. In any case, the Consentino Police Department Days are over. What a relief.