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How Far Innes Butt Is His Head?

Recognizing that the former Atkinson Police Chief/Thug Phil Consentino had to go, Town Manager William Innes had this to say to the Lawrence Eagle Tribune about the infamous “Elderly Affairs Department” run by the chief thug:

“The organization was a political base that was built and exploited in the past,” Innes said. “I just want to ensure that that there is a code of ethics in place that defines the roles and responsibilities of the director and drivers of organization. I haven’t been able to find a document that says what the elderly affairs department does.”

Innes said the salary and the hours of the future director have not been discussed just yet. Consentino was earning $100 a year during his tenure as director.

The elderly affairs department had previously done things like buy cigarettes and groceries for older residents, Innes said, something he would like to eliminate.

“That’s not the role of the department,” Innes said. “The role of the department is to ensure the seniors in town have transportation to medical appointments and for some other things which need to be defined.”

The role of the department is to ensure the seniors in town have transportation to medical appointments and for some other things which need to be defined???

A question for Town manager Innes: How about NO acting like a taxi service and leaving that up to taxis and private business. That would be nice.

The Town of Atkinson has been shuttling people around at other taxpayers expense for years and that is what has gotten them in trouble. There is no way to give free services to people that should be available from a private source of a true non-profit.

There is a NH Supreme Court case regarding plowing of private driveways called Clapp v. Jaffrey where the court ruled that plowing private drives at town expense was unconstitutional. There is little difference here, see:


Given a perfect opportunity to abolish the Elderly Affairs Dept. and all the trouble it has caused, this town manager still doesn’t get it – unless he wants to run the gig himself or have a minion do it. After all, dependant voters you have some private time with at town expense can be very helpful come town meeting time. And not cause dissention among the taxpayers who do not benefit from that service


Reader Comments (2)

Seems like the closer the town is to MA-MA Land, the more the local pols act like their neighbors from the one-party bean-town. As a fitting tribute to the ideals and practices they brought from that bastion of shakedown politicks, upon their demise they should receive the newest approved mortuary dispatch treatment (alkaline hydrolysis) so we can flush them down the Mighty Mighty Merrimack to the shores of MA-MA's mill towns, bones shipped separately.
– C. dog always finding silver linings in even the grossest of sausage making
March 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

You know when the Atkinson powers that be stupid recognize that the "eldery affairs dept." was a political hackarama - but want to continue it, well we are going to start all over again.


The AG's Office has ruled the Elderly AffairsNon-profit run by the former chief can not put the funds in that scam into the Atkinson general fund.

So the donors are out in the cold and at the mercy of the former head of the non-profit - Phil Consentino. (The AG could order the money put in another non-profit through Superior Court.)

Will Atkinson let go of the best vote buying scheme in NH?

We will see!
March 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEd Naile

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