Little More Than A Meat Market

The next progressive logical step in a total, undefined in the US Constitution, “right.”

You let US Supreme Court liberals make up a right and there is no telling where it will end.

Live born babies right to live are now, according to the US Supreme Court and Planned Abortion Hoods, subject to the whims of a woman’s doctor and herself – a natural step in moving America - forward.

Just like homosexual marriage has no limits, like a real marriage does, it should not take that long for progressives to determine and demand marriage evolve into several more, expanded, forward looking creations.

Liberals always look at babies and children as pawns, not whole human beings.

They trap children in public schools.

They look for ways to make abortion into a right equal to any other right a person is blessed with at birth. That is the “up is down and down is up” theory of progressivism.

Liberals want to have babies several ways – usable and disposable.

But what liberals will never conquer is this a simple fact.

When a small child from an experimental coupling of any combination of men or women of the same sex sees a real couple from a traditional marriage with a mother and father, they will always want to know where their dad or mom is. That desire for a real family will never go away with any man made law of order from plutocrats and elites. It is part of human nature.

So killing babies on a table at Planned Abortion Hood’s shop of horrors might be a long held desire of the left and someday endorsed by our courts, it will always be infanticide, even if it gets a more acceptable name, like pro-choice, from the left.