Single Moms Love The Gas Tax

Maybe she didn’t run on raising the gas tax but Maggie Hassan sure is getting off to a great start with her tax and spend and borrow agenda.

That is the nice thing about liberal Democrats, you can always be sure of what they are all about no matter the campaign promises.

First the cigarette tax, then the gas tax, then the sales tax – just like Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan has a plan to grow government by any tax possible.

The Republican War on Women campaign was a secret code phrase for: women get to pay more for gas – especially those single moms who like big government.

Liberals are so predictable.

Obama helped single moms out on January 1, 2013 with a lighter paycheck, between $50 - $70 bucks EACH WEEK for every working mom, and now Maggie Hassan delivers a nice fat gas tax on top of that.

But not to worry, each liberal lady will look at that extra expense, tighten her belt until next year’s Obama Care bill comes due and curse the Republicans for it.

Liberals are so predictable.