Liberals Just Can't Protect What They Destroy

Tomorrow I will board a plane, later than scheduled, because our Federal Government wants to make a point about their insatiable appetite for money and power, and because they are Muslim ass-kissers.

I will have to take off my scary belt and shoes.

A uniformed pant load will ask me to hold my arms up so they can get a look at me through my jeans with a multi-million dollar machine bought and sold through rigged government contracts.

But let me fly to Chechnya and hold up in a radical Mosque for a few months with phony, wife-beating clerics, come back to Cambridge Ma. and stockpile an armload of guns in my free housing – no problem.

Such is the world progressives have created with their worship of all things anti-American.

Progressivism is a nasty sort of mental disability that is running its course.

Some of the most liberal communities in America are slowly becoming the most dangerous places in which to live thanks to their own foolish feelings and politics.

Obama spent his very soul to get re-elected and came up over 6 million voters short of his first run. Not many people recognize that. Romney actually got more votes than McCain did previously. Millions sat on the sidelines.

There is a good chance that a real conservative candidate can be mustered for the 2016 election.

Most elected officials in Washington are years behind the American people. That defect comes with the turf and permanent DC staff.

What is nice to see is how many supposed “new faces’ of conservativism are climbing aboard the McCain “Let’s do some thing, anything” train and eliminating themselves from consideration.

Until America has to completely rebuild from the ground up or we can re-establish Constitutional government, any effort to protect your small communities and family from liberals is a top priority.