Have Politically Correct Fun

The Manchester paper has a front page article today that is sure to have an impact on the safety of “visitors” to the White Mountains this spring.

Just like liberal politicians can’t bring themselves to say Islamic terrorist, the Manchester paper and some involved in moonbat tourism can not bring themselves to say the word - daredevil.

Tuckerman Ravine is described as deadly but it is no more deadly than my small pond or front yard, if I act like an idiot.

Here is a sample of travel agent-journalism:

"The secret to having a fun, safe time on Mount Washington is being here at the right time, with the right equipment, and having flexible plans," said Chris Joosen, U.S. Forest Service Lead Snow Ranger. "Recognizing the hazards, and asking questions of those who work here, will help people make smart, well-informed decisions."

Every year some “experienced’ hiker, ice climber, or skier gets killed due to their own quest for excitement – politically correct excitement.

Off to Eastern Mountain Sports with a fist full of hundreds and a few months thumbing through some outdoors magazine and the “experienced’ ice climber is ready for an adventure.

But we call them visitors?

Having fun, according to Chris Joosen, on Mt. Washington is equated with dangerous activities easily avoided. No one even mentions ice climbing or skiing near crevasse. It is more like visitors are simply walking around visiting.

So why isn’t “having fun” on a frozen lake by skimming a snow mobile across open water described as an experience for NH “visitors?” Most papers would describe that as dangerous.

Machine sports apparently hold second place to spandex sports.