Hope They Put Him In A Mayflower Crate


No “sanctuary” for the corpse of Tsarnaev, the Cambridge Bomber IN Cambridge?

What the hell kind of Sanctuary City is that Moonbat enclave anyway?

Ya raise up a killer, all with tax dollars and elite feelings of superiority over the rest of the country and you don’t have the stones to drop the creep in a hole in your own back yard, how typical.

That is the lefty community for you, all talk, free money, death, destruction, and other people’s taxes.

Oh, so smart until shit happens and then they wash their pasty little hands of the program.

It was a Methodist Moonbat that set up the inturdment of the Chechnya Cambridge bomber. I was going to guess Episcopalians would jump at the chance.

So now the Cambridge prodigy is deep in the ground of Virginia.

My guess – not for long.