Ruth Bader Gosnell Speaks!

Maybe some Supreme Court justices should keep their yaps shut and stay out of camera range. Old Wrinkled Ruthie should certainly heed that suggestion.

Her statement about Roe v. Wade shows how ignorant she is regarding the subject of “change” through judicial edict.

Supreme Court activist Ruth Bader Gosnell thought her fellow fellow-travelers could simply legalize murder and all would be gradually accepted. Here we are 40 years later and nothing exposes the arrogance and illegal actions of the progressives on any court more than the Roe v. Wade.

The whole premise of Roe v. Wade is “a woman’s right to chose” over an individual’s right to exist, never mind one gender having exclusive rights over another.

Opponents of abortion on female demand have been gradually proven correct regarding where it would lead. Ruth’s version of a constitutional hero, Dr. Gosnell, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Abortion by female demand is performed predominately on minorities. Ruth accepts that type of ethic cleansing in the name of “change.”

Abortion by female demand ruins the lives of millions of women as some gradually become aware of what they have done. Ruth thinks that just comes along with her progressive new right unlike the Second Amendment where she believes accidental deaths justify its reversal.

But her biggest failure to understand the abortion issue is when she claims it will “never go back to the way it was.”


The individual back ally abortions of the past we hear so much about have become the abortion mill murder machines anyone with a lick of common sense knew would be the result of elitist sanctioned killing of the inconvenient.

If abortion by female demand was to put an end to the so-called back ally abortions, how is this better?

Ruth Bader Gosnell knows best.