Not So Bad After All

I was around when Watergate happened. Most people know how bad it was, right?

We almost lost our Democracy – or something like that.

The one thing I do remember about Watergate was how every night on the Democrat’s news programs there would be some insider comment by an anonymous White House aid revealing something bad, weird, or disturbing about President Nixon, night after night for two years.

I wasn’t all that interested in politics at the time. But I used to think to myself, “Wow, if all these bad comments to the press every night are from “White House aides” what the hell would Nixon’s White House enemies do to him?”

(The following is a memory jog from the last scandal-plagued administration to put the current secret Obama investigation of AP Wire service phone calls in perspective.)

Obama knows what is going on with Benghazi and the IRS thuggery and he, unlike Nixon, will not suffer moles in HIS White House. That is why the spying – or pre-emptive damage control phone bugging is no big deal.

I think when the AP takes a good look at all this in the light of day they probably wouldn’t even use any incriminating stories about their guy from inside sources.

Progressives stick together. Their greater mutual enemy, traditional America, is the real target.