What Does It Matter Now?

What a wonderful way to peer into the mind of a liberal, the hat trick of scandals currently bothering The One.

Once you see for yourself how progressive campaign animals cover for their lack of ability to manage anything else, like a government, the pattern of cover-up is plain as day.


“Just because they apologized doesn’t mean they did something wrong.”

(Up is down, down is up.)

First of all, nothing that happened BEFORE an election matters to a liberal if he wins. To the victors go the spoils.

If the spoils are setting the IRS on political enemies, then what liberal would ever mind?

If spying on the news media’s phone calls to see if anyone in the administration is back stabbing the agenda of “change” then who cares? “Forward” to “Change” has a cost.

If you screwed up playing nicey nice with the Taliban by leaving a US embassy unguarded and people get tortured and killed, that is all part of the game. Get used to it, old news, soon forgotten. It was the good intention that mattered.

The American public has about a 120 day attention span. Get past that with any progressive/liberal/socialist scandal and 47% of the public suddenly remembers where their check comes from.

How can anyone be shocked at the libs using the IRS to target enemies. Obama appointed Hillary after she had Craig Livingstone steal 900 FBI files. She is a pro and Obama knows what he wants.

Obamaites targeted Joe The Plumber in exactly the same way, dig into private records, destroy the target, admit it AFTER the election, underlings take a fall.

Call for an investigation targeting anyone but the people in charge, change any facts, blame the other side, feign surprise, wait it out.

Your liberal pals will all fall in line with the press and the entrenched DC crowd. They show no morals recognizable to most Americans. It is a game of win at all costs. Protect the socialist hive!!

Remember, a progressive never lies! They only say anything to advance or protect their agenda – not technically a lie to a leftie.

When the money runs out, that is when Obama has to worry.