I Have A Tip For Ya!

In a strange and inventive way, our unelected administrators have developed a new tax on small business – a tax on money they never collected.

You tip a waitress or other person at a restaurant or corner store, and behold, a new revenue stream for Uncle Maggie - a tip tax on the non-tip receiving employers.

Young, single moms get a tip, the small business owner gets screwed, and liberal tax and spenders are happy with the new “revenue,” if that is what you want to call this form of extortion.

I have a tip for the taxers.

You want to pull something off on young people?

Have a hankering to stick a tax bill with someone who doesn’t deserve one?

Want some REAL extra revenue?

How about a mobile property tax on college students?

That’s correct. Place a “fair” mobile property tax on mobile domiciled, out of state college student voters.

No wait, put the mobile property tax on the college they go to. That would balance the taxes laid on store owners who do nothing but employ people at eating establishments.

Maybe in the process everyone will learn a little something about taxes and fairness.

If they are smart enough to figure that out the next course will be about the administrative abuse and hiring extra office staff just to figure out the new taxes.

Come to NH and learn about government first hand.