Maybe Jeanne Can Stand In

So many colleges have controversies over commencement speakers. Here is one you may have missed, Lois Lerner, speaking at Western New England University Law School, her alma mater.

That crook from the IRS, who instigated at NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s request, political investigations of conservative non-profits, was invited to speak and motivate young people.

Below I pasted a brag sheet of her accomplishments from a workshop she was supposed to lead on October 20.

Let’s review it:

About the Lunch speaker:

Lois G. Lerner is the Director Exempt Organizations in the Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TEGE) division. She is a member of the Massachusetts bar having earned her juris doctorate from Western New England College School of Law graduating cum laude. She completed her undergraduate studies cum laude at Northeastern University.

Ms. Lerner began her career in government as a staff attorney in the Honor's Program at the United States Department of Justice. She served as a Special Assistant in the U.S. Attorney’s Office where she was lead counsel handling felony and misdemeanor prosecutions. In 1981, Ms. Lerner moved to the Federal Election Commission, serving as the Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement, and ultimately as the Acting General Counsel.

Ms. Lerner began her IRS service in 2001 as Director Rulings and Agreements in the Exempt Organizations function of TEGE. In January 2006, she was selected as Director Exempt Organizations. In this capacity, Ms. Lerner leads an organization of 900 employees responsible for a broad range of compliance activities, including examining the operational and financial activities of exempt organizations, processing applications for tax exemption, providing direction through private letter rulings and technical guidance and providing customer education and outreach to the exempt community.

Ms. Lerner is a past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL) and an active member of the Humane Society of the United States where her efforts in performing pet rescues necessitated by the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes were widely acknowledged.

For those not aware, the Humane Society returns about 1% of its money to direct care of animals.

Do you think NH Senator Shaheen was asking the IRS to investigate Lois Lerner’s own “pet” project?

Doubt it. But you will hear progressives make the typical argument that down is up and night is day. IRS officials have alread admitted they targeted conservative groups.

And you have to admit, Lerner was at home running the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL).

While we are at it, maybe COGEL should have some of its rocks peeked under for favoritism, ya think!

By the way, back to commencement speakers.

I am sorry to inform the fresh batch of moonbats at Western New England University Law School, Lois has other engagements and can not attend your silly ceremony.