Absorbing As A Luffa Sponge

How out of the loop is loopy Bill O’Reilly?

Since Benghazi and the IRS, Fast and Furious, AP news became public I have watched this character wave his hands at the TV screen like they are not part of his body. It is like a hand puppet show is going on in front of his egotistical skull – much like Nancy Pelosi does when she speaks. Those bony appendages of hers flip and flail all over creation. But then again, I think they are both a bit over-medicated.

O’Reilly should have a “hand recognition expert” on once in a while instead of the blond face expert.

Back to Crazy Bill from Harvard:

He has been down-playing every Obama scandal that has popped up.

“Oh this will go away, the Republicans don’t have a case, well it looks weak…” he never quits.

Now some in his own network, if he recognizes anyone but attractive women at Fox, have been targeted by the Obamaites for investigations and e-mail tapping.

Wonder what he will do now?

Probably try and spin it about himself.

He’s just another Dan Rather - out of drag.