Snake Eyes

The old saying “When you gamble the, House Always Wins.”

Well that is true. And it is more than true when you adopt casino style gambling as a state revenue stream to get all the “free money.”

One ugly fact is lost in the “free money- house wins” scenario.

Not only does the House win, so does the Senate and the Executive Branch.

The lobbyists win and the established bureaucracy wins as well.

The only non-winners are the poor taxpayers who have to make up for the gambling spending spree when the gambling money dries up – OR IS DIVERTED BACK TO CASINO OWNERS. (Remember the lobbyists? Why do you think they are hanging around statehouses?)

If you like standing in line behind big money gambling interests to see your legislators, you will love casinos.

If you like higher taxes and roller coaster state budgets, casinos are for you.

But please don’t ask non-gamblers and people with simple math skills to pay the failed gambling freight when it all goes south.

If The Coalition of New Hampshire taxpayers thought for one second gambling would lower taxes in the long run we would be on board with a smile.

It just isn’t so.