Natural Progression - Not Really Oppression

There is a simple progressive way to get information to the public about the IRS picking and choosing, depending on political leanings, who gets tax free status – and how far they have to bend over for it.

IRS Director Lois Lerner will, according to her attorney, take the Fifth Amendment at a hearing scheduled by Congressman Issa for May 22.

Lois has an attorney who is setting up her defense which will in all probability be an attack on the members of Congress who want her to answer some questions under oath about abusing her position at the IRS. The best defense is a non-defense, apparently.

I have a simple solution for Congressman Issa for getting to the heart of the matter.

Tap the phone lines between Lerner and her lawyer. Imagine all the great stuff she will say when she thinks no one is listening but some leftie lawyer.

That would be a huge win for Republicans.

But would Democrats complain about tapping phone lines between a lawyer and a public employee who wanted to know what was in the prayers of conservatives applying for tax free status? It would be done in an effort to ensure national IRS security? What’s the harm?

This Constitutional (situational) “change” is what we need to stop public officials from pleading the Fifth.

Congressman Issa could simply acknowledge that tapping a phone call between a lawyer and guilty client pleading the Fifth Amendment was an over sight he knew nothing about then make a humble effort to see that is doesn’t happen again – and “move on.”

That’s the way the Obama administration works now.