Who Will Stand Up For The "White House 14"?

Sexual assaults in the military are on the rise!!!

And if you ESTIMATE how many sexual assaults there are the potential for even more astounding numbers will be mind boggling - by the next election cycle.

It sure looks like the Democrats have an edge with this sexual assault campaign they just ramped up.

Here is Obama hyping the next campaign issue:


And Chuck Hagel is very concerned aswell:


Don’t forget Congress:


Obama, the “Commander in Chief,” addressed graduates at West Point and began the 2014 campaign with this corker:

"Those who commit sexual assault are not only committing a crime, they threaten the trust and discipline that makes our military strong," Obama said. "That's why we have to be determined to stop these crimes, because they've got no place in the greatest military on Earth."

His pointed comments were aimed at rooting out the problem at a time when Republicans have been criticizing Obama for not responding forcefully enough to controversies including last year's deadly attack in Libya and political targeting at the IRS. But Obama was quick to express outrage over the reports of sexual assault, saying he has no tolerance for it. He summoned military leaders to the White House last week and instructed them to lead a process to root out the problem.

To some of us with a memory of how Democrats campaign on issues they could really give a damn about I offer my humble opinion and “estimates.”

By my accounts 16 women were sexually assaulted in the White House when Billy Bob Clinton was man-handling Kathleen Willey and using his superior “position” over that stupid intern.

 There are two we know of.

If the Pentagon’s unbiased estimate of 7 unreported assaults for every reported assault is true then 14 women at the White House during the Clinton regime are still suffering in silence – excluding the assault enabler, Hillary.