Time And Bankruptcy March On

Awwww, the RINOs are not happy with the TEA Party Republicans. What a shame.


There once was a time when the original RINOs were on the outside of the mainstream of Republican issues and thought that one fine day THEY would be in charge of Washington, DC and all the money that flows into it.

But alas, times have shifted back a few years and the new upstarts are the TEA Party crowd who want smaller, responsible, affordable government that, for instance, doesn’t use the IRS to haunt opponents. That agenda flies in the face of any self-respecting RINO.

So we have the “outsider” Republican, John McCain, picking a fight with any perceived TEA Party Republican he can find on behalf of himself and his Democrat and media pals.

Bob Dole has jumped into the anti-conservative fray as well. He has some blatherings about how Ronald Reagan wouldn’t meet the “new” conservative standard.

Don’t forget the former Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, who is not happy with conservative upstarts:


Colon Powell, RINO, has wonderfull things to say about his fellow Lefty, Obama, in recent articles - just in time.

And the RINO's tag team with Screwball:


Just when RINO’s were poised to profit from the largess of Democrat/Obama spending, without all the blame, along come those true believers on the Right.

Luckily, none of the RINOs above has any credibility.

They should get out of the way of the pendulum.