Build It And They Will Come


Master planners, airport experts, and land grabbers had a lot in mind for the good old Manchester Airport, even a name change to – ManchBoss.

But as many government programs find after a hard reality check and all the damage is done, oooops!

In the period of time it took to build all the new roads to ManchBoss the ridership dropped 41%, according to an MIT study (Wonder what that cost and who paid?).

It looks like $123 million was spent on the Bridge to ManchBoss.

So what’s next?


Downtown Concord is going to get a face-lift whether taxpayers or businesss owners want it or not.

Maybe a name-change for them as well?

How about – “Smells Like Cabbage When The Old Sewer Plant Is Up Wind.”

I know it’s a tad long for a catchy new name but, hey, that’s one way to deal with the reality of an outdated sewage treatment plant.