Maggie Hassan rode her $80 million dollar chariot, pulled through a rainbow by pretty unicorns, right to the edge of Casino Land and poof, boring old budget gurus and House Trolls cut the golden reigns.

Poor Maggie.

One thing her media masters want us all to remember – Maggie took “The Pledge” to veto any sales or income tax.

Well, no she didn’t take “The Pledge” at all. Her friends say she did but that ain’t so.

If Maggie Hassan took the dreaded “Pledge” it would be up on the CNHT office wall with John Lynch’s Pledge.

But look as I may, I can’t find it?

It isn’t under our hate mail collection.

It isn’t under some old campaign material.

That Pledge must be somewhere up in Maggie’s head with the $80 million dollar casino bubble.


Will she pull a Shaheen?