The debate of all debates is almost at an end - where to bury the dead Cambridge Bomber – other than Cambridge, Ma., where he belongs.

Some, you guessed it, teacher from Vermont has offered his family plot back home at his mommy’s place in Ct..

What a trophy for the Vermont moonbat and Yale graduate!!!

Imagine being the only liberal in your, ethically cleansed of locals neighborhood, to have a Bill Ayers scale progressive hero interred in your soil.

Hamden Ct. would be the resting place of the Cambridge Bomber if Yale grad, Paul Keane, gets his liberal way.

I wonder if Hamden Ct. is a Sanctuary City like Cambridge Ma. is?

I just checked and New Haven, Ct., the town next door to Hamden, is a haven for illegal aliens. Close enough!

If this does not work out for all the terrorists and their sympathizers, this Cambridge/Ct. sister city package, I have the perfect location for the Muslim from Chechnya.

I have a rather quaint little pig pen behind my barn with a great big boar living in it.

Higgins would love company – especially the Cambridge Bomber.

My pig is so much more patriotic than Mr. Keane. And as the human daddy of my boy Higgins, I would be so proud of him to share his piece of NH with this Masachusetts terrorist.

So call me.