Who Has The More Crooked Deal Going?

The insider who is purported to be Obama’s brain is a very smart young man named Ben Rhodes.


Rhodes is apparently from a very influential family. His brother runs CBS, one of the networks that kisses Obama’s posterior and covers up for his many shortcomings, such as he never ran anything until he was elected to office and from then on is considered a genius.

Oh, to be a liberal insider!

The Koch brothers are supposed to be an insidious crew of billionaires who want to exploit their money leverage with politicians, hoping for patriotic and generally pro-American causes and candidates to prevail.

The Koch brothers don’t hold a candle to the Rhodes brothers.

One Rhodes brother quietly operates Obama like a hand puppet and the other manufactures news stories for Obama and against those on his enemies list.

Nice deal if you can get it.




And so on and so on…….