New Campaign Dynamics

I just spent about 13 hours driving back to NH from Tennessee and I had a thought about all this data base talk.

Hillary Clinton, when she was co-president, had her servant, Craig Livingstone, steal 900 FBI files. Remember that? The number dribbed and drabbed out in the press until we had the number of stolen FBI files on her enemies list totaling about 900.

And she is endeared to most Democrats as presidential material.

So it shouldn’t shock anyone with a small amount of grey matter that Obama, his academic communists, and Chicago thugs are topping Hillary’s number of stolen FBI files by millions of tracked phone calls and e-mails of private citizens.

The 2012 Democrat machine was propelled by swarms of data miners nationally and also here in NH because Obama and Biden (remember him?) needed the electoral votes of NH and Ohio. Ohio TEA Partiers suffered the IRS scam as well so Democrats could lessen the TEA Party numbers in that important state.

And the result of all that data mining is – we have another four years of people running the Executive Branch who can run crooked campaigns but not govern a country.

That got me thinking.

Why not have a grass-roots data mining endeavor on the right?

What if everyone who sees an Obama Biden (remember him?) bumper sticker on a car, wrote down that vehicle’s license plate number and state of registration and sent it to me so I could start a moonbat database?

Anyone bold enough, or stupid enough, to put a socialist sticker on their Prius could not possibly mind being on my National Data-base of Moonbats.

Of course I will need to start a 501(c)3 non-profit to help pay for my efforts to track lefties and keep my data-base updated.

I think choosing a non-controversial name for my non-profit to get a green light from the IRS is in order.


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