Hiring Criminals Is A Time Tested Tradition With Hillary

If you want to know how the list of scandals, some also known as felonies, involving secret collecting of US citizen phone calls and e-mails, hiring State department employees with criminal records, appointing pedophiles to ambassadorships, leaving Navy Seals to die rather than risk bad press, targeting citizens on political hit lists, etc., just look back at how Hillary handles the stealing of 900 FBI files on her Republican enemies.




1. Deny, deny, deny – then admit a little bit.

2. Drag out several friendly lawyers to tell differing stories, accuse everyone else of telling blatant lies.

3. Call anyone investigating or objecting to any illegal activity a liar with a secret agenda of their own.

4. Fake outrage.

5. Drag the issue out for the 120 days it takes Americans to forget any issue.

6. Dump a fake apology on a Friday evening before a holiday then promise you will discuss it no longer and get on with the People’s Work.

7. Let the news media clean up the mess.

Hillary is the best candidate the Democrats have. She has no morals and will do anything for power.

Oh, but steal a file on her sometime – if Sandy Berger hasn’t destroyed it already, and see how she reacts.

Remember when some enterprising young operative tried to get Bill Clinton’s passport records?