Mr. Swett Was Called "Dick" Not Richard?

All the best to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas but I noticed a slight discrepancy in the opening statement of his surprise You Tube video of NH Assistant AG Richard Head.

James said that he was in NH uncovering voter fraud with his videos where his associates asked for ballots of deceased NH citizens and were then offered ballots, no questions asked, by our hapless NH election officials in several towns last year.

Actually, James was exposing potential for voter fraud by individuals who could game the system which has been rigged by several years of Democrat rule and liberal court decisions.

I have to remind readers that CNHT exposes voter fraud by showing copies of police reports, voting records, names and places.

We will soon be offering more explicit examples of voter fraud.

That is quite different than a simple sting operation.

But keep up the good fight James.