What Was Paula Dean Thinking

If Paula Dean said the “N” word (nigger) in a forest and no one heard her, would she still be a racist?

Of course she would! Paula Dean is a southern white woman with a thick southern draw, millions in advertising, and marketing skills anyone would envy.

But alas, some of us are always looking under our futons for a KKK member, not in the US Senate of course.

Paula should not have apologized for something she is not, never was, and which never harmed anyone who wasn’t looking for an opportunity to feel harmed.

She is being sued by a disgruntled employee. So be it. What successful person hasn’t?

But to apologize to the wrong people only feeds their egos.

We have another overweight southern chick with questionable marketing skills who is known for saying things like F-n Jew.

She ain’t apologizing or held accountable by the speech police of the Left as you are.

She is running for president.

Don’t look back Paula.

You hung with the wrong crowd for a while.

Move on. They can’t.