Where Could One SNIP This Out Of The State Budget?

Remember when the Free State Project members took on the licensing requirements of barbers and hair salons etc. in NH?

They were upset that anyone would have to have a license to cut hair – between two consenting adults. But the powers that be were not about to give up their domain of absolute control over those who would snip and perm.

Now I have a complaint presented to me from a taxpayer who has the chance to meet the NH Inspectors of all things cosmotological (new word) twice a year, as per the law.

The NH Inspectors walk in any given shop, such as his, and start poking around in drawers looking for anything in violation of the salon Nazi code of purity. They say they have that power due to statutory or administrative language that says they may make a “reasonable search.”

But as with any person hired by any state to observe, control, document, or prosecute for infractions, things got a bit more over the edge.

It seems the inspectors are inclined to show the unobservant salon owner a form clear of any violations and ask for a signature. When the signature is on the precious form the inspector simply jots down a small comment at the bottom such as “found hair in sink.” Now we have justified the need for inspections and “reasonable searches.”

I would think, since I have no court cases involving hair salons and “reasonable searches” that walking into a salon and presenting identification to a salon owner and spotting a potential violation in clear sight would constitute a “reasonable search” but to just randomly start opening drawers and doors to have a look put the privacy of employees and owners in a bad spot.

Maybe it is past time to inspect the inspectors.

Or should we charge the super sleuth cosmo-police with checking into who votes in NH instead of prying into salon closets.