How Would Obama Know Any Different

I know it is the duty of all Alinsky-style progressives to trivialize the freedoms we have here in America and build up, as best as possible, with the help of the MSM, any tin pot regime other than our own amazing country, but Obama comparing Mandela to George Washington?

Come on.

Mandela is more like His Honor, Fidel.

Both are avowed Marxists who left a people in poverty and chains.

I read the South African papers. That country is not by any way shape or form a place where people have opportunity.

The political system is corrupt and dictatorial in both countries. The people are born into a class and stay in that class - classic social justice results of a dreamy view of communism.

No, Fidel is a champion of his people just like Mandela, or Chavez.

Washington was revered by Americans of his day and is now for giving power to citizens to be the best they can.

Harvard doesn’t teach that so Obama wouldn’t know.

No shame on Obama, just fact.