Phony Politicians/Phony Crooks - No Surprise

Like everyone, I am mesmerized by the Whitey Bulger trial.

The way the story of Bulger is portrayed in the press is classic. I learn a lot from it.

Yesterday, according to a news story, he cursed at an FBI witness in the courtroom. Oh dear, he still a tough guy – for a snitch.

And they keep calling Whitey a “mob boss” for some reason. But that isn’t actually true.

Whitey Bulger ran something more like a crime cooperative. He worked hand in hand with law enforcement from what I can tell.

Let’s say you had the pitchers on all the opposing baseball teams you played against toss real slow to you and you hit them all out of the park. Would you be the best batter in the league?

I guess in Boston you would.

About the only person in Boston who held Bulger accountable for anything was Howie Carr.