What Did You Say Your Name Was??

You think things have not changed since Liberal Looney Lewis the Cambridge-trained looser judge in Strafford Superior Court started playing games with our NH elections?

Oh, they have.

Check out the story of the Dartmouth fraternity that was charged with giving alcohol to minors:


As you read along about what the fraternity did – as though it is a living breathing individual, not a sophomoric glee club in a fancy tax free building – you may notice how there are no student names involved with this incident.


If Looney Lewis has his re-reading of the NH Constitution correct why hide the names of all the kids?

Not that long ago one could scan some arrest logs or news articles about out of state college kids and find a name or an address.

Not any more!

What are they scared of?

I review the arrest logs of several college towns and one in the western part of NH has almost no student arrests – well, may be one a year. How interesting is that? Thousands of moonbats-in-action. No arrests?

I long for the days when you could find three or so of eleven or so frat boys from a Durham frat hole, caught selling drugs, named in the papers. All you had to do was go look up the same names in the voter checklist and there ya go: Ma. Me. N.Y., etc.

I have a solution for the troubled teens from Dartmouth. Get Looney Lewis to sign on to a case that says just because you are not 21 doesn’t mean you are not 21.

That is simple enough for him to figure out.

After all, he is a Cambridge lad himself.